Cultural Contents Planning and Marketing

About the Department

The goal of our department to nurture professionals who would play an important role in diverse fields (e.g., newspaper, broadcasting, new media, advertising, PR, publication, criticism, consulting, curation, entertainment, marketing, business administration, leadership, education, politics, international organization, international trade, etc.) through theory and training of communication which accounts for a great portion in academia, culture, institution, industry and occupation.

Cultural Contents Planning, Graduate School of Business Administration

The Department of Marketing aims to help graduates from the Department of Cultural Contents or those working in related fields grow into professionals who can handle from planning to production, investment attraction and marketing for cultural contents, making a contribution to the development of domestic cultural contents.

Major courses are 100% online. The length of each course is set according to graduate students’ needs. To increase the quality of education, we focus on case analysis and training instead of theory.

Students are able to earn a master’s degree in business administration (major of cultural contents planning & marketing). We help them get a job or start their own business.