Department of Computer Engineering

About the Department

COMPUTER is the key to the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

Today, computer and software are everywhere and have led the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Specifically, computer systems and software programs have been used in mobile applications, smart systems, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), computer graphics/vision, game, artificial intelligence (AI) and marine IT. For understanding of diverse types of information services and software applications, it is essential to study the component technology of computer.

To nurture experts in computer and software

The goal of the Department of Computer Engineering is to help students build diverse computer application technology & software development capabilities and software application ability through in-depth education on computer systems.

Our department includes ubiquitous IT technology research and all application fields including software and hardware. We focus on training as well as theory and help students have theoretical grounds and basic skills needed in industrial sites, colleges and research institutes. For example, we handle the latest issues including AI and its reverse function issues, computer security and prevention of industrial secret leakage accident.