Department of Design

About the Department

Deeping of Expertise and Convergence Education

As the importance and denotation of design become greater across the society, design paradigm has also changed. Design is a realm to find and resolve diverse human life-related issues and propose new values. From an academic perspective, it has multidisciplinary characteristics associated with neighboring disciplines such as art, humanities, engineering & technology and business administration.

Our department implements academia-industry cooperation researches and interdisciplinary convergence education along with advanced expertise development education including visual, media, environmental, product, fashion and service designs. In particular, we focus on developing global mindset in the global era and creating new design values based on locality and East-West convergence through analysis of the studies specializing in Korean, Chinese and East Asian designs.

In addition, we nurture talent for future design studies through the balanced research and development of design theories and practices in specialized sectors through a lab-oriented educational system. Especially, we have provided special lectures via the world’s renowned scholars and promoted joint researches through collaboration with Asia Design Center for Future (ADCF) which was named for the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)’s research lab support program in 2018.