Department of Occupational therapy

About the Department

To nurture talent with good personality and world-class expertise

Occupational therapy is a field of public health, which provides rehabilitation therapy to those with physical or mental disabilities. Entering the 21st century, industrial disasters, car accidents, elderly population and incidence in chronic geriatric diseases (e.g., diabetes, stroke, dementia, cancer, etc.) have sharply increased. As a result, a demand for physical and mental rehabilitations has risen, and a concept of health has changed.

With the implementation of the ‘Long-term Care Insurance for the Elderly’, the number of elderly care facilities and welfare facilities has increased. As a result, local community-based occupation therapists’ roles have become more important. In fact, their roles and related policies are now rapidly changing. For example, it is required to acquire sensibility rehabilitation therapist license, or an occupational therapist now belongs to mental health professionals.

To keep pace with such trends, our department aims to nurture future-oriented competent leaders with expertise in occupational therapy under rapidly changing public health environments.