Department of Dental Hygiene

About the Department

The dramatic growth of public health and life science has brought a significant change in dentistry. Under these circumstances, there has been a rising demand for the expansion and advancement of a dental hygienist’s duties and jobs. Therefore, it is anticipated that a demand for specialists in dental hygiene, who can participate in diagnosis or research or understand and utilize new technology would gradually increase. Our department nurtures competent dental specialists with well-organized curriculums which reflect the latest trend.

We cover all specific fields of dental hygiene (e.g., Basic Dental Hygiene, Clinical Dental Hygiene, Educational Dental Hygiene, Managerial Dental Hygiene, etc.) and realize balanced education by providing students with diverse opportunities to strengthen their research competence. In other words, we give students a chance to grow into dental hygienists who can lead new changes with the kind of competence that our society needs.