Department of Cultural & Performing Arts

To nurture the best artists and professionals in diverse arts such convergence art

To nurture the best art specialists, we teach and study all art-related theories, practices and application methods. We help students build philosophical, aesthetic and humanistic literacy and develop competency and vision on representation & recreation of art, social communication through art and cultural changes & convergence art. We also perform studies on solutions and development plans according to changes in oriental and western cultures and nurture leaders such as autonomous, creative and unique artists, who could make a contribution to global cultural exchanges as the best art and cultural specialist.

Dept. of Cultural & Performing Arts, opening up a new possibility for diverse art majors

The Dept. of Cultural & Performing Arts offers a doctoral degree program in arts. We nurture the best artists and offer an opportunity for broad and in-depth studies on all art genres from art management, art administration and cultural studies to art, choreography, stage making, stage costume, makeup, direction, sound, stage director, applied music, folk music, art therapy, church music, musical and pop music along with all art and culture-related theories, practices and creative sectors.