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About the Department

Entering the 21st century, film is evolving into one of art & cultural contents with scalability and experimentality. In terms of form and style, film has become more diverse, and its production and consumption patterns are now overcoming borders in multiple dimensions. These changes mean that film industry is now flourishing as a core sector in huge and complex visual cultural contents industry. At the same time, there has been a rising demand for creative talent who could create a new paradigm.

The department aims to nurture professionals who can actively participate in and make a contribution to the future of dynamic film industry In order to achieve the purpose, we provide personalized education to discover and incubate talent as well as to nurture competencies.

The curriculum offers specializes in cinema studies and film production. It is designed to allow students to concentrate on their major according to their autonomous decision. We also help them build global mindset and leadership and spread the excellence of Korean films around the world.

Our department in Dongseo University Centum Campus is situated in the cinema district of Busan, a UNESCO Creative City. Under such favorable environments, students are given an opportunity to experience and enjoy Korean film industry in diverse ways.

Furthermore, we are equipped with the nation’s best film education equipment and facilities. Our faculty members include film experts from diverse fields including the living legend ‘Director Im Kwon-taek’.