Department of Civil Engineering

About the Department

Nurturing competent construction experts in rapidly changing social environments

Our department offers competent educational environments by converging the latest theories and technologies which are needed in planning, designing, construction and maintaining social infrastructure for the welfare of humankind in harmony with natural environments.

Realizing the potential to grow into pioneering and future-leading specialists

We provide diverse practical education contents and help students grow into competent specialists who can adapt themselves to rapidly changing social environments

We are equipped with a modern lab and qualified faculty members with deep knowledge and extensive experiences and offer students with world-level customized education, encouraging them to evolve into global leaders.

Master’s and Ph.D. degree contents education in close connection with faculty

We offer master’s degree, Ph.D. degree and combined programs. Students are able to choose one and get the education they want from our competent faculty members.

They can also complete basic and required courses in structural engineering, coastal engineering, geo-engineering and water engineering and engage in in-depth research and practical training.