Department of Film

Educational Goals

Our department aims to nurture talent who could lead the future of Asian and global film industries. We help students have a vision and develop sensitivity through common courses through which they are able to analyze and discuss film industry, film policies and Asian culture through production and theory.

The goal of production major is also to nurture professionals in diverse fields such as producing, scenario, directing, filming and post-production.

The goal of film production theory courses is to provide students with professional knowledge in a well-organized manner and help them find their own style and philosophy.

A key to this curriculum is small-size intensive workshop. We provide customized education and competence-enhancing education through mentoring in close collaboration between the faculty and film production field staff.

The goal of the curriculum of theory major is to nurture educators who could make contribution to visual culture and policy experts or CEOs who could play a key role in related businesses and organizations.

The curriculum of theory major offers self-directed learning education which makes students set and explore their research project on their own.

Our master’s degree program targets to nurture field experts who can work for diverse film-related media and organizations. This course offers general and comprehensive education on film media and industry.

Our Ph.D. degree program aims to nurture educators, researchers and policy specialists who could lead the future of film and art industry in a creative fashion. This course ensures in-depth learning on diverse art theories, cultural industry and diverse film-related topics.