Department of Design

Educational Goals

To Nurture Global Design Talent Discovering Community Values

The goal of the Department of Design is to nurture design talent who makes provide voluntary services for global talent, local community and humankinds with social responsibility in order to make a contribution to the creative growth and development of local society and domestic and global culture.

Our curriculum offers a two-track approach to nurture design researchers and professional designers. The Ph.D. degree program focuses on nurturing researchers with insight and analytical thinking while the master’s degree program allows students to either create design or engage in design researches with a goal of nurturing competent talent in both research and field activities.

In particular, we target to provide specialized global design programs by studying global issues such as earth environments, poverty, inequality and water from a design perspective and developing industrial and cultural future values. In design, furthermore, we are committed to growing into a renowned graduate school in design, leading future values as a global hub for design education in Asia.