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Department of Design

Asia Design Center for Future (ADCF)

About ADCF

The Asia Design Center for Future (ADCF) founded in 2017 pursues design research, education and implementation based on ‘locality’. We explore the values of Busan, Korean and Asian culture as the universality of human culture. In just 2 years, we were named for ‘Program for Institutes of Humanities and Social Science’ launched by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). In addition, we have actively published diverse books, held academic conferences, developed educational contents and engaged in global research activities with a goal of evolving to a global hub for design research in the Republic of Korea and Asia through the production & education, storage and spread of research activities.

We have joined the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) led by the United Nations (UN) as a member of the SDSN. As a part of such movement, we opened a DSU-SDGs Center in September 2022 to take the initiative in making an impact through communication with the local community and world through design research, education and implementation for resolving regional, social and environmental issues.


Design Knowledge Production & Application Flow Model


  • Focuses on place/locality (Busan, ROK)-based design studies as a specialized field
  • Research Topic: ‘Korean Culture-based Creative Design Education Contents Development & Gamification’
  • Suggests a research-education model which assures the uniqueness and subjectivity of design researches and education and applies researches to education by exploring culture, tradition and even locality and globalization
  • The viewpoint of local culture deepens into cultural sustainability as a design research for the future of sustainable humankind.
  • Pursues researches and education using future-oriented new technologies and creative design methods with a goal of preserving and promoting local culture for the future of the sustainable region
  • Shares and spreads design-centric approach for understanding and sustainable growth of Korean culture and the development and utilization of gamification-based unique convergence teaching & learning tools with the world